Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with the KraftHeinz Graduate Program Cohort of 2020. I had worked with the 2019 cohort and so I was already familiar with the organisations values and culture. I continue to be impressed with what is at the forefront of what you feel when you are in the building as a guest. The atmosphere led by its people are welcoming, courteous, kind, friendly and happy. There is also an underlining buzzing that you can sense that indicates that something innovative is being created within these walls, it feels like exciting things are happening.

Lucinda Thomas is the Talent Development Manager at KraftHeinz and looks after The Graduate Program from end to end. Lucinda is a human resources professional who is dedicated to the individuals she is responsible for. She is empathetic, caring and smart, which are the qualities that have selected this incredible graduate cohort. The cohort selected are some of the most talented early career individuals that I have met in a long time and will end up being nothing short of an asset to KraftHeinz. They were engaged, enthusiastic, focused on learning, creative and above all genuine ambassadors for the brand.

Kraft Heinz values are collaboration, innovation and integrity, as well as sharing a vision for a sustainable future and a passion for achieving great results. They have focus on fresh thinking, champion a love working together and foster a distinct passion for their brands. These values were not just words on a wall as this vision of a team culture is exactly what I have seen.

Once again it was a pleasure to work for Lucinda Thomas and the Graduate Program Cohort of 2020. We worked on understanding self and others through the Facet5 and it was greatly received as a way to improve communication, collaboration and problem solving. I look forward to continuing to work with and follow the journey of this cohort as they flourish and thrive in a work environment full of opportunities.

Jessica Symes