Jessica Symes Toomey customises each keynote and presentation specifically tailored for the audience and objectives of the program.

Jessica Symes Toomey is an accomplished speaker and presenter and is known for her infectious energy, enthusiasm and passion for supporting people to be the best they can be. She encourages audiences to be brave, bold and focus on their strengths to set big, courageous goals.

Jessica’s areas of focus are creativity, building confidence, mental toughness, positive psychology, presentation skills and understanding self and others through personality.

She is infectiously energetic, passionate, positive and engaging. Her presentations are always interactive, unique, theatrical and creative. Jessica will challenge, motivate, inspire and break down the big concepts, theories and models into tangible, step by step guides that can be implemented into the reality of the everyday.

Jessica designs and delivers programs that are for early career graduates, mid-career as well as cohorts more senior in their career.

Topics include;

  • Supercharge Your Career
  • The Science of Building Confidence
  • Mental Toughness
  • Understanding Others and Self through Personality
  • The Power of Creativity