Jessica specialises in learning and development programs and workshops with the following topics and focus areas;

Program 1:

Career Confidence’ Career and Leadership Skills to Realise Potential
In this intensive and signature program of Jessica’s, participants will learn how to take control of their own career’s, create career confidence and create a path that is sustainable, purpose driven and based on their strengths, values and passions. Jessica uses the science of positive psychology, behaviour change, personality and goal theory to shape an uplifting, inspiring and career changing learning experience for each individual in the cohort while creating and fostering a community of like minded people. The focus is on strengths development to create and shape a career proactively and with confidence. This is Jessica’s signature program and one that she has been delivering successfully for over 15 years with rave reviews from cohorts of empowered, inspired, motivated and confident individuals who become ready to get in the drivers seat of their careers.


Program 2:

Empowered Women in Leadership

Positive psychology, wellness science and goal attainment theory in the pursuit of the best, most resilient, positive, and resourceful version of you. The focus on of this program is on exceptional leadership development through skills development, practice and the creation of your individual leadership and management toolkit. Your authentic leadership style and brand will shape bringing the best version of you to lead a diverse team towards creativity, collaboration and high performance. In the pursuit of gender equality and equity we empower each other and empower ourselves to drive commercial success and look towards a future of Women in Leadership and Business with thriving successful and Careers and work life integration.


Program 3: 

‘The Thrill of Creative Leadership’

Creativity, collaboration and communication for high performing teams and passionate, innovative, and entrepreneurial individuals is the focus of this highly successful leadership experience. The Leader of tomorrow is the creative one and the one who can inspire creativity in others. The creative process is collaborative, lateral, non linear and empathetic. This program focuses on the process of creative thinking, the history and measurement of creativity, how to imbed creative thinking into your organisation through the leadership of thriving and flourishing cultures which is ‘creative’.


Program 4: 

The Power of Personality to Realise Potential’ Team Building and Performance

Realise your full potential by understanding your strengths, motivators and drivers. Engage the science of personality for team building and the creation of high performing teams. Jessica uses ‘Facet5, the leading global personality tool to realise potential in her work with teams and individuals. There are three different officiations. 1. Jessica runs her highly successful Facet5 Teamscape Workshop 2. Spotlight 3. The Superskills of Conversations as the most highly effective and results driven team building programs that use the science of personality to enhance collaboration, engagement and team performance.


Program 5:

Career Coaching The Art and Science of Career Conversations’  

Learn and imbed the practical skills and tools involved in having empowered career conversations with your people and a tool kit of models and approached to career coaching. Career Development is an essential management skill and career coaching and coaching and career conversations form the core capabilities of today’s leader. Learn, practice and imbed Jessica accessible models of coaching conversations that empower the leader to shape and focus their communication with a ‘coaching moments’ approach to foster autonomous motivation and an engaged and empowered team.


Jessica has two decades of experience in designing and delivering customised learning, coaching and change programs for organisations that are focused on capability uplift, increased self-efficacy and resilience, to inspire, empower and engage. 

Delivery style: Interactive workshops using evidence based coaching psychology, autonomous adult learning principles, motivational theory, and behaviour change science. The purpose being, to engage, teach and promote self-reflection to create a call to action for the foundations of positive, purposeful change.

Jessica’s style is energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, entertaining, performative, creative, humorous, and sometimes wildly over the top. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, insightful, direct and tough but always empathetic, and believes everyone has the ability to change at the better.

“She is infectiously energetic, passionate, positive, and engaging. Her presentations are always interactive, unique, theatrical, and creative. Jessica will challenge, motivate, inspire, and break down the big concepts, theories, and models into tangible, step by step guides that can be implemented into the reality of the everyday”.


Half day
Full day
Two day

Four – Six days over Three- Four Months of Intensive Leadership and Career Development

Delivery method:

Face-to-face, virtual and hybrid.

Audience numbers:

From small teams to large group cohorts and beyond.

Audience demographic: From graduate program, early career to mid-career to cohorts of senior executives/ teams.


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