Jessica specialises in learning and change programs and workshops with the following topics and focus areas;

‘Early Career Skills’

‘Team Building and Performance’

‘Leadership Capabilities’

‘Coaching Skills’

‘Creativity and Collaboration’

Delivery style: Interactive workshop style keynote presentations using evidence based coaching psychology, autonomous adult learning principles, motivational theory, and behaviour change science. The purpose being, to engage, teach and promote self-reflection to create a call to action for the foundations of positive, purposeful change.

Jessica’s style is energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, entertaining, performative, creative, humorous, and sometimes wildly over the top. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, insightful, direct and tough but always empathetic, and believes everyone has the ability to change at the better.

“She is infectiously energetic, passionate, positive, and engaging. Her presentations are always interactive, unique, theatrical, and creative. Jessica will challenge, motivate, inspire, and break down the big concepts, theories, and models into tangible, step by step guides that can be implemented into the reality of the everyday”.


60 to 90 minutes
Half day
Full day
Two day

Delivery method:

Face-to-face, virtual and hybrid.

Audience numbers:

From small teams to large group cohorts and beyond.

Audience demographic: From graduate program, early career to mid-career to cohorts of senior executives/ teams.

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